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We understand CRM as part of a corporate strategy, which establishes the principle of customer orientation permanently in your company. Customer relationship management is more than just software: Who wants to improve its competitive position through CRM, must first develop a CRM strategy, review its business processes to the degree of customer orientation and optimize them.

A CRM strategy is supported by a CRM system that images the entire customer-life-cycle of the marketing planning customer acquisition, sales processes and order processing to customer service. For the daily business in marketing, sales and service the CRM-System provides an operational level. For the analysis of customer data and the planning of customer loyalty programs there is an analytical level.

When implementing a CRM-strategy, first is to ensure that the employees are involved in the decision-making processes, because they are indispensable experts when it comes to the behavior and wishes of customers.


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Based on your business process - we define a CRM-strategy and advise you in selecting a suitable CRM system. We offer customizing the system and possibly the operating system. We work with products from leading CRM vendors, but also offer cost-effective open source software or the provision of a cloud solution.
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