The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) represents a possibility of project financing based on blockchain technology. A separate digital cryptocurrency (tokens / coins) will be created, which will be pre-financed to investors for payment by Bitcoins or common FIAT-currencies (Crowdsale).

We are full-service-provider in the field of blockchain project management. We offer you the planning of your technology concept, as well as the legal advice from ICO-experienced lawyers. Our offer is supplemented by a high-performance escrow system, which offers the project participants the highest possible security through a fiduciary service.

We also have a partner network for traffic generation as well as business and marketing consulting, providing you with token application methods, marketing campaigns and community management. Inform yourself here about our detailed offer, we are looking forward to your inquiry!

  • Complete IT-Infrastructure including security management and high availability
  • ERC20-Universal-Standard (simplifies token integration with third-party services (such as digital wallets, digital asset exchange services) 
  • Smart Contract Management System (Simplifies the user experience of token holders after completing the ICO)
  • Payments in FIAT and over 100 cryptocurrencies
  • Personal login area of ​​the token / coin holder on your website
  • Individual interface
  • Wide range of functions (45 configurable parameters)
  • Comprehensive service management functions (customer service)
  • Customizable token sales parameters (setting up of ICO phases and token purchase conditions)
  • KYC and AML support
  • Integrated calculation with current crypto currency rates (inform the buyer about the token price at the time of purchase)
  • Multi-level recommendation programs (expand sales options)
  • Bonuses, promo codes and close-sale feature (automated special offer system)
  • Third party service integration (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Marketing CPA Networks)
  • Legal advice from ICO experienced lawyers
  • Review and recommendations on the project white paper, landing page and press releases
  • Legal document creation support: Terms of use, token terms of sale, token selling and selling agreements, privacy policy, warranties and disclaimers
  • Legal opinion of a lawyer, based on the whitepaper
  • Consulting throughout the token sale period
  • Quality (We work with a licensed lawyer and a technology company specializing in blockchain security.)
  • Guarantees (one of the signatures (or keys) owned by the client, one by the company acting as a developer, and one by a solicitor as a third independent party)
  • Time savings (escrow is immediately connected to the bookbuilding platform, so no additional configuration of the platform is required.)
  • Generation of traffic via our partner network "CryptoAdsManager"
  • Including $ 15,000 budget for a campaign duration of 30 days.
  • Development of a token concept or verification of the customer's token concept
  • Development of the token application method (A guide to managing the issued tokens)
  • ICO Marketing Guide explains the best use of the tools available
  • Ongoing analysis with marketing experts about the specifics of the ICO marketing process
  • Design and update the campaign strategy
  • ICO Analytics Dashboard - A "smart" monitoring field that reflects your ICO progress in real time
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